Unlike most Android applications, you probably won’t open the actual Widgetpad application by it’s icon very often. When you do, you’ll be greeted with a splash screen giving you two options. You can click ‘Documentation’ to visit this website, or ‘Continue’ to view a list of existing Widgetpad widgets. From this list, you can click on a widget to edit it. If this is your first time running the application, there will be no existing Widgetpad widgets to list.

Adding a Widget

Most devices offer a variety of ways to add a home screen widgets. Generally, you can press and hold on an empty section of the home screen until a menu opens prompting you to select what you would like to ‘Add to Home’. Alternatively, you can probably press the menu button from the home screen and select ‘Add’, or ‘Add to Home’, usually designated by a plus sign above the menu option. From the ‘Add to Home’ menu, select ‘Widget’. From the ‘Add Widget’ screen, scroll down until you see the Widgetpad options.

Widget Styles

Widgetpad currently offers four styles of widgets. A 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 4×2 widget. Most non-tablet devices have four columns and four rows of icons per home screen page. The widget size designation refers to the number of icon positions the widget takes up. A 4×4 widget will cover the entire screen. A 4×2 widget will cover 1/2 of the screen, while a 2×2 widget will cover 1/4 of the screen. The 3×3 widget will cover most of the screen, leaving space around the edges for other icons.

Editing Widget Text

After adding a widget to your home screen, you can edit it’s text by simply clicking on it. You’ll be presented with a very simple screen with a colored textbox. Any text entered here will display on the home screen widget. Additional options to clear the note, copy the note to the clipboard, or sending the note by email can be accessed from the menu by pressing the menu button.

Widget Color

To change the color of the widget’s background or text, select ‘Color Options’ from the Editor menu. You’ll be prompted to change the Background or Text color. Selecting either will allow you to select from a list of colors. The Editor screen will reflect the selected color options.